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“I’m pretty much useless at remembering people’s names,” Ashley explains, “or why/how I know them. I sometimes forget names of people I work with, and I’ve known them for years. Nine out of 10 times, I can’t say what house number I live at accurately. cheap nfl jerseys Have to get away from the current… Read more »

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Vancouver Real Estate = Drug Money British Colombia the best place on earth, if you are a criminal. You think that these are the neighborhoods you want to move to, live in, invest in, think again. British Colombia is just a back water hillbilly narco state, not the place any sane person would want to… Read more »

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The survey team located a nest and single egg of a Yellow legged Pigeon a declining and globally threatened (Vulnerable) pigeon. This species is considered to be rare wherever it occurs (it is restricted to the Solomon Islands and Bismarck Archipelago), except for Makira where it is classed as locally uncommon. The nest was found… Read more »

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Adam Wachs, Barrack Hebrew Academy Junior posted a 15 0 record at second and third singles, and received All Tri County League honors the past three years. Was Tri County League champion at second singles and Penn Jersey League titleholder at third singles. Has been undefeated in league play the last three years.. The InvestOhio… Read more »

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Housing and Economic Development Secretary Jay Ash will present “Building Prosperity Across the North Shore.” Ash is responsible for directing and executing Gov. Charlie Baker’s agenda on housing and community development, job creation, business development, consumer affairs and business regulation. The North Shore Chamber’s Monthly Breakfast Series connects chamber members and business professionals with information… Read more »