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Here are seven stories of holiday happenings at the White House. Your challenge is to fill in each blank with the name of the correct president. Yes, you in the back. The families said that they were refused to put an idol of Goddess Kali in the village temple by the locals, said the district… Read more »

Take that, Ann Coulter!If you ever read Mein Kampf, then you

What is infuriating is that for centuries progressives have made these very arguments against white Christian fundamentalists in the West, yet displaying an incredible cognitive dissonance those progressives easily abandon that position when confronted with the problem in a minority community. The goose outlet canada only person to blame for rape is the rapist. Employment… Read more »

It is simply a fancy, and frankly insulting, way to say “I

In New Jersey, parts of many major highways remained closed on Tuesday afternoon. At one section of the New Jersey Turnpike near the hard hit Jersey Shore, entire railroad cars had even been swept onto the highway canada goose outlet in usa by the storm surge. Two and a half million people or 62 percent… Read more »

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cheap canada goose uk But there is one month in the Parsi calendar (somewhere around June) when devout Parsis turn vegetarian. Yes, one full month of vegetarian food. They call it the month of Bahman; I call it the month of panic. RIP Donna Summer and Robin GibbApparently the viewing conditions were great for yesterday… Read more »

If your husband has remorse, the decision is in your hands

The put call ratio (PCR) fell to 0.9 from 0.93 earlier. PCR is a sentiment indicator for the market. A PCR of more than 1 is considered as a bullish sign. How often do you think about how you can change what seems impossible to possible? Of course down the centuries many scientists, doctors, inventors,… Read more »