received an invitation to serve

In 1976, Jack received an invitation to serve the United States Government for foreign based personnel and took a two year tour of duty as a regional medical officer based in Tehran, Iran. He inspected medical facilities and administered medical care in the field to Americans and their dependents in Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan. He and Laura renewed consecutive two year commitments and together they served in similar posts in Panama (serving all of Central and South America), Alice Springs, Australia and finally in Kinshasa, Zaire, before returning to the home they built together in the foothills of Goleta in 1987.

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Wheaton respected Brooks for not promising him anything, as other Pac 10 coaches had. He was told he would have to earn playing time at Oregon. He accepted the challenge, choosing the Ducks over Arizona, and then redshirted in 1993 while studying behind a deep group of cornerbacks, including Alex Molden and Herman O’Berry..

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Seventeen year old Ying Ling has landed an apprenticeship in the Ming Yang Mountain Funeral Home in Changsha, the capital of the central Chinese province of Hunan. She lives in shabby digs and her mother is too busy to chat when she calls home. So, she throws herself into her work, even though she looks nervous when the first dead body descends on a hydraulic system into the bowels of a vast facility that would not be out of place in a science fiction movie.

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