PCBWeb’s Publish and Published Project Feature

Nowadays, there are lots of promising CAD software dealing with complexities on the workflow to complete a project. PCBWeb is a perfect tool for engineers where each important process to create an electronic hardware is integrated into one software. One of the most interesting features using this software is that the user has an option to directly share the project online. He can have accessed to the project anytime and can allow design-sharing with collaborators through a browser format. The CAD files are readily available in the cloud for any users to simply download the project file so they can easily modify the circuit.

Here’s a quick guide for you to publish a project:

Assuming you are currently working on a project. You have to save it first then click Publish Project in the File menu.

When a Publish Project window pops-up, you may create your own project title. The checkboxes are options that you can choose to view whether you only want to generate the Schematic, PCB or BOM. There’s also an option if you want to share the CAD file available for download, just tick the Main Project File. Clicking Add New makes you add some details of your design.

After clicking the button Publish. It will then directs you to the browser called SVG viewerFor the purpose of testing this feature, I used PCBWeb-kinetiszer project as an example. 

In the SVG viewer, each project has 3 views— the Schematic, PCB and Bill of Materials (BOM).


You can zoom in or zoom out by scrolling the mouse wheel in order to view the components and wiring properly then click and drag to pan. For some projects with multiple sheets, you can click each sheet number below the schematic worksheet to see the different blocks of a schematic diagram. ( For this example, I only use 1 sheet )

PCB Layout

You can also zoom in or zoom out the same way you do with the schematic. To  view the different layers used in the project, click the buttons below the PCB worksheet to view each designated layers.

Bill of Materials (BOM)

BOM is the list of parts used in a project. You can choose what parts to order by clicking the link ‘Order Part’ or you may click ‘Order All’ and it directs you to Arrow website.

Project Info

As what I’ve mention above, when you allow sharing the CAD file available for download this is what it looks like in SVG viewer:

And this is what it looks like if a CAD file is not available for download:


You can share the project by clicking the Share button or simply copy the URL found at the right side of SVG viewer. An embedded code as well is also available.


If you want to see all the published projects under your PCBWeb account, click Published Projects in the File menu.


Here’s the list of your published projects:


All projects published by PCBWeb users will be posted in PCBWeb website’s Project section (www.pcbweb.com/projects).

Being able to post and upload your projects make it easier to share your designs so some users might use it and improve it as well. It would be a lot easier to organize your CAD files and download it anytime anywhere.

Have fun using PCBWeb!


~PCBWeb Team~