Edit and Replace Existing Parts.

On the previous versions of PCBWeb we encountered situations where we finished our schematic designs and later found out that we used the wrong part number or made our custom footprints pad too big or too small. This gets us frustrated since we know that we have to do everything all over again.

Well, good news! On our latest version, we released the feature everyone is waiting for – replace and refresh part are here to save the day and here is how to do it.

Let’s say for this example we want to replace U3 with a different part. Hover over the selected part and doing a right click on your mouse to show the context menu. This produces two new options, “Refresh part” and “Replace part”.


Selecting replace part will show you the open part dialogue where we can then choose the part we needed – it can either be from our “Arrow catalog” or from your own “My parts” library.





After selecting the new part you want, and clicking ok, you will be prompted if you want to keep the wirings of
the part. If you select yes, the routed wires will automatically connect to its appropriate pin number. 

Take note that if the pin number is not available on the new part, the wire connected to it is removed.



Refresh Part feature is useful for custom parts already on our design that we might want to edit. You can edit pin names on your symbol or reworking the part’s footprint, this can now be done without removing all existing instances on our schematic worksheet.

figure-4Given two instances of the same component on the worksheet. We want to edit the positioning of the pins and also add a silkscreen for our footprint. To do so, we reopen this part on our Part editor and make the changes there.




After all the editing is done we then save the part to overwrite the existing part. For us to apply the changes we made on our worksheet. We simply hover over one of the two instances, right click over it to show the context menu and hit “Refresh part”. This will then automatically refresh all instances of the part in our worksheet. That’s it and you are ready to continue with the existing project.


Best of luck on your next project,

~ PCBWeb Team