PCBWeb “Import Parts Libraries” Feature explained and walkthrough


is a FREE CAD tool for PCB Designing for Electronics hobbyists. If we need to duplicate a project or just need to use some previously made libraries in Eagle or in Scheme-it, then that is the time “Import Part Libraries” feature will be handy.

There are currently two kinds of libraries compatible for import with PCBWeb tool:

  1. Eagle Libraries – If you extract the parts library from an eagle file, then you will have this eagle parts library with a file extension of “.lbr”.
  2. Scheme-It BOM – If you have a project in http://www.digikey.com/schemeit/project/ then export the “.SCHBOM” file, you will now be able to use it to import your library in PCBWeb.


Let’s try this feature and we’ll guide you through the two ways of importing parts libraries with the assumption that you already have an eagle file library or a Scheme-it BOM file,

Using EAGLE libraries:

Step 1: Open PCBWeb Designer App


Step 2: Click File menu

toolbar_menu Step 3: Click Import Parts



Step 4: Click Eagle parts libraries


Step 5: Click Yes button when this prompt appears

import_parts_into Step 6: Choose your eagle library file and click Open

Step 7: This will appear under library tab, this means you have successfully added the library in your my parts catalog.


Step 8: You can now use your newly exported library.



Extracting a .SCHBOM library file from scheme-it:

Step 1: Open link on a browser, http://www.digikey.com/schemeit/project/

Step 2: You can just click Try It Now or X button to get rid of the window but you are already inside Scheme-It, so might as well Register/Login. 😉


Step 3: Add parts on the sheet, you can find the parts under Digi-Key catalog.


Step 4: After adding parts on the sheet, click Export button.


Step 5: Choose “For PCBWeb (SCHBOM)” and click Export.


You are now good to go! You now have your SCHBOM file ready to be imported in PCBWeb.


Using SCHEME-IT BOM libraries:

Step 1: Open PCBWeb Designer App


Step 2: Click File menu


Step 3: Click Import Parts

file_menuStep 4: Click Digi-Key Scheme-It BOM

schbom_part_librariesStep 5: Choose your Scheme-it BOM file and click Open

Step 6: A new tab should appear, Scheme-it BOM. Under the tab are the parts you exported.


Just following the steps given above, you can now use your old eagle library or scheme-it library files and create your own project in PCBWeb.

Enjoy Designing using PCBWeb!


~PCBWeb Team~